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Drip drop, trickle, oops!
5 Minute Balance Game Using Water!

Once upon a time there lived brothers of Kappa*, who decided to live a simple life. They wanted to live by sharing a single plate on their two heads, but this was quite a struggle. So everyone offered to lend a hand. Drop some water onto the elder brother’s plate, lift it up, and move it carefully to the younger brother’s head without spilling it. The whimsical fishes frustrate your effort and eventually you will find yourself in real struggle! It’s a new type balance dexterity game where you can experience the surprising power of surface tension.

*Kappa is an imp-like creature, having a bird-like beak, webbed hands, a turtle-like shell on its back often found in Japanese traditional folklore. The plate on the top of its head must always retain water, as if it ever dries out it is said that it would lose its energy and possibly even die.

Project Cordination: Nozomi Obinata

Game Design

Original game: Itsuka Tanaka(ASOBI dept.) , Remaking Design: Naotaka Shimamoto

Art Work

Yoshiaki Tomioka



Playing Time

5min - 15min


6 +

Box size


Photography, game