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In year 20XX, a new mission begins.

In year 20XX, more than half a century after humanity first landed on the moon with the Apollo project, countries initiated a cooperative “Moon Base” project. Setting the mobile research tower in the center of the development scheme, a 6-year Moon Base development plan utilizing the ring modules was about to be set in motion.


There are 6 rounds in this game of Moon Base development. Players draft and place the “ring modules” on craters and on top of each other to establish their lunar settlements. Utilize each of the three colors of the ring modules effectively to make your color gain the upper hand. At the end of each round, players earn points by placing settlements or a resource base based on the end-of-the-round situation. Transfer the mobile research tower wisely and try to aim for the bonus points available at the end of the 6th round. The player with the higher point total at the end of the game is the winner!

5 Features of Moon Base

Unique Game Board

The craters on the moon board are the foundations of your lunar base construction. Most craters are overlapped with each other, which means if you place a ring on one all the other overlapping craters will get eliminated. The game situation changes drastically depending on where you and your opponent have placed their rings, affecting your game plan. If you want to be sure to secure a certain crater, you better do it fast!

Physical Stacking Game

The ring modules may be stacked to the 2nd layer, to the 3rd, and so on. The location of the rings on the upper layers will affect what will be possible for the players to do in the following turns and rounds. It’s a strategy game with aspects of play that is unique to the physical characteristics of tabletop games. “I should’ve placed that ring a little bit towards the center!” Regret joyously as you realize what your previous placement could have made possible for you, or done to your opponent.

Random Set Up

In Moon Base, the ring stacks are created randomly when starting the game. But once the game starts, all you can rely on is your good selection of rings and sound judgement of where to place them. All ring stacks are visible to the players, so make your best pick in which rings to take and make the best ring placement by reading your opponent’s prospective moves. Do the best you can to turn randomness into certainty!

Game Heats Up Towards the End

Players compete over a course of 6 rounds, each consisting of 4 turns: a total of 24 turns in a game. Depending on the end-of-the-game situation, you may be able to gain bonus points, so the game heats up towards the end. Find a special ring placement move that can turn the game around.

Contemplate Humanity’s Future in the Sight of the Completed Lunar Base

The game ends when the players complete building their lunar base. The magnificent panorama on the lunar board is a collaborative work of both you and your opponent. Look up to the moon on the night sky and take your thoughts to the possible future that lay ahead of us¬, the humankind.

Project Cordination: Nozomi Obinata
Photo: Hiroaki Seo


Naotaka Shimamoto


Yoshiaki Tomioka




30 min ~


9 up