※ Announcement / Sept. 29th, 2018
We have created a simplified version of Tribe game rule. It is more simple, casual, and easy to play. We will soon post it here free for download. The new copies to be sold at Essen will include this simplified rule (basic rule) along with the original rule (advanced rule).

In Tribe, you are on a mission to help tribes emerge and prosper over two ages and adorn them each in its own unique way. You will eventually find tribes bearing common features, which will grant you the pride tokens for their bond you have assisted to create. Earn as many pride tokens as possible throughout the ages. What will be the form of humanity beyond history? Discover this for yourself with your careful pick of ornaments. The future of tribes is in your hands.





Summary of the Game

Each turn, players locate an ornament on one the 5 human figures organized in a circle. Players pick 1 piece from the bag of ornaments according to the roll of the dice. Players acquire a token whenever a new “tribe” with a common feature is created. The player to have earned the most pride tokens is the winner of the game.

Game Design: Naotaka Shimamoto
Art Work: Yoshiaki Tomioka
Translation and Support: Nozomi Obinata
Game Tuning: itten

Players : 2-4 players
Time : 30 min or above
Age : 8+

Rule book for 2nd EDITON (English)

Rule book for 2nd EDITON (Chinese)


⇒ルール説明書(2nd EDITON)を公開しています。

Below is the 4 steps summary.
Please refer to it to have a basic understanding of the rules.

Photo : Hiroaki Seo