「Ponkotsu Factory」は2014年に一年中未来が発表した「大怪獣コトバモドス」の新装英語版となります。ittenとしては初めての外部クリエーターとのコラボレーション作品として、アートワークと製造ディレクションを担当させていただきました。ゲームデザインはコトバモドス同様、一年中未来の郡山喜彦さん。今年のエッセンシュピール2017のittenブースにて発表されました。

Ponkotsu factory is a revised English version of Kotobamodos, a game released by Ichinen ju MIRAI in 2014. This is our first attempt to collaborate with an external creator on a game and we have been in charge of the design and production direction. The game is designed by Yoshihiko Kooriyama. It will be released in itten booth in 2017 Essen Spiel, and will also for sale at Game Market Tokyo Fall 2017. Thank you all for your interest!

Summary of the Game


Game design : 郡山喜彦(一年中未来)
Art work : 富岡克朗(itten)




Hurry! Hurry!
Repair the words!
Broken words are brought to the factory every day. Can you combine these letters and repair those words?
The game is composed of two phases: creating “Questions” and solving “Questions”. In creating phase, players construct three four-letter words using 12 letter tiles, then mix them thoroughly. In solving phase, players rebuild three four-letter words created by other players. Quickness and correctness are the key to the victory!

We provide the rulebook here for reference.

Collaboration with Ichinen ju MIRAI and itten

Game design : Yoshihiko Koriyama (Ichinen ju MIRAI)
Art work : Yoshiaki Tomioka (itten)

– players : 2-5 players
– time : 15-30 min
– age : 8-
– price : €20

Photo : Hiroaki Seo