You and the city lights make it just right.
Hatsuden* is a 2 player game with a theme of renewable energy and the urban electricity supply. Although minimal in system and play time, it has a thrilling game plot and the result is never predictable. It’s a game for players of all ages. Please give it a try!
※Hatsuden means “generation of electric energy” in Japanese.

「第2回東京ドイツゲーム賞」で二次審査通過をした本作は、New Games Orderさんから出版(ゆかいなさかなさんご協賛)されました。そのタイトル通り“発電”をテーマにした2人用のカードゲームです。シンプルなゲームシステムとプレイ時間ながら、最後まで揺れ続ける展開は、幅広いプレイヤーに遊んでいただけるものと思います。10cm四方、厚さ3cmのコンパクトな小箱にギュッと詰まった53枚のエネルギッシュなカードを繰り出して「ハツデン」する楽しさと悩ましさをぜひ!

☆New Games Orderさんの新作発表記事はこちら。

・Players: 2 ・ Play time: 30min~ ・Age: 10+ ・Price: 1800 yen
● プレイ人数:2人 ● プレイ時間:30分〜 ● 年齢:10歳〜 ● 価格:1800円(税込)

Game Design: Naotaka Shimamoto
Art Work: Yoshiaki Tomioka
Translation and Support: Nozomi Obinata

Summary of the Game

Construct 5 types of renewable energy plant (Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro, Biomass) and complete your supply system to the city. Compete for greater electricity, while making sure to keep just the right amount for your city’s demand. The special technology cards play a pivotal role as the game develops. Now, head out to the journey to become a great “Hatsuden” engineer!

Rule Sheet (English)



Below is the 4 steps game summary.
Please use it to grasp the basic rules of the game.