The Fate of Man and Dog Rests on the Fire

In a distant past, when man and dog had first encountered. Villagers took rest around the bonfire cooking freshly hunted beasts, while hungry dogs surrounded them looking for a chance to scavenge on the remains of their feast…

“Here Comes the Dog” is a 2-4 player analog tabletop game which features an impactful scene of villagers and a bonfire surrounded by a pack of wild dogs. This game captures the theme of an imaginary historical past when humans and dogs were not yet friends but about to be friends through a dramatic encounter.

Only the bonfire knows your fate… Let the fire guide you to a friendly encounter.

In the 2nd edition, included also is a variant rule “Dancing Villager.” You can play it with the same component included in the 1st edition. Please download the rule PDF from down below the page.



『イヌがきた(Here Comes the Dog)』は、焚き火とイヌの群れの情景が印象的な2〜4人用のアナログゲームです。イヌがまだ人と友達ではなかった頃、その出会いの瞬間がテーマになっています。


2nd Editionではルール改訂と、バリエーションルール「Dancing Villager」が収録されています。1st Editionのコンポーネントでも改訂ルールやバリエーションルールを遊んでいただけます。以下よりダウンロードして楽しんでください。

Summary of the Game

Players pick up charcoal, fire, and meat from the bonfire according to the roll of the dice. If all meat are taken, you will be able to feed the dogs and tame them into your animals. However, if the charcoals run out the bonfire burns out and the dogs will come after you in the dark. Will you be able to domesticate them or dare let the fire out?

プレイヤーは焚き火にくべられた、炭、火、肉のスティックをダイスをふって順番に選びとっていきます。肉が先になくなればイヌを餌づけして手なずけられますが、炭が先になくなったら焚き火が消えて逆に襲われてしまいます。餌づけを目指すのか? あえて襲われるのか? 交錯する思惑のもと、スティックの交換と奪い合い、ダイスのゾロ目のハプニングをのりこえて、より多くのイヌを手なずけたプレイヤーが勝利します。

Game Design: Naotaka Shimamoto
Art Work: Yoshiaki Tomioka
Translation and Support: Nozomi Obinata
Game Tuning: itten

Players: 2-4 players
Time: 30 min or above
Age: 9+


Rule Sheets

English Rule Sheet
German Rule Sheet
French Rule Sheet

Variant Rule “Dancing Villager”
バリエーションルール “Dancing Villager”

English Variant Rule Sheet
German Variant Rule Sheet
French Variant Rule Sheet

4 Steps Game Summary


Photo : Hiroaki Seo